The world of a designer has changed since I first sat at a drawing table. The tools and the physical process of design are immeasurably, almost inconceivably different. But the mental exercise of design, the primal emotion required to produce an exceptional design hasn’t changed, and won’t ever. At least not here at SRF design.​​​​​​​
 The passion I have for for my craft hasn’t waned in the years since I got my start. Everything that comes out of SRF design is a product of that passion and carries with it a bit of my heart, my soul and my mind. Which, sadly, has a tendency to take a physical and emotional toll. But if a design is good, then it’s worth the loss of a few brain cells.
Being technically proficient at software like Illustrator and Photoshop is no guarantee that a design will succeed. Concepts have to be initiated, so that when we lay hands on a keyboard with serious intent, we have a purpose in mind.  Our first step, before attempting to create something that we hope will wow client and consumer alike, is to become totally immersed in the project. Only when we've reached that point are we comfortable enough to launch Illustrator. 
Your brand needs and deserves to go through that process. Because design is much more than putting a pretty face on a product. Successful design gives a brand its soul. What your brand looks, sounds, feels like is what gives prospective consumers their first impression of your brand. And you rarely have an opportunity to correct a first impression that isn't right.
A product may historically be the best ever produced in its category. But if it doesn’t attract a consumer, there’ll be no opportunity for anyone to know. If they don’t feel compelled to approach a product, it, brilliant as it may be, will fail. The point of good design, simply put, is to encourage one to look closer.
And that’s our ultimate goal here. To get people to notice and then to interact with your brand, so that they can discover its brilliance. Which will help make it, and you, a rousing success.
Santo Fareri, creative director / principal
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