This 4 -part promo highlighted  some of our fragrance bottle designs. 

Each 3-panel folder featured a photo on the first panel complementing the fragrance design. The second panel held an image 

of the fragrance, the third, branding information. The folder was  inserted into a pearlized sleeve, & secured with a rice paper band

that was imprinted with copy relevant to the brand's image & positioning.  One promo was sent out weekly.


These were the other 3 parts of the promo.


This was one of a number of attempts to work for the adult beverage industry. 

I truly believe that designing fragrance packaging would make for an easy transition to designing beer, wine & spirits packaging. 

It's possible, though, that I'm the only one, because this latest promo, which stipulates that I agree to "design for beer" 

rather than any for other form of payment, still didn't work. 

Sadly, I'll have to continue paying for my own wine & beer.

GODIVA Chocolate Bar promo 

When the beer promo failed to yield results, we began drowning our sorrows in chocolate, which spawned an idea.

This promotion, targeted specifically to GODIVA, was presented as a campaign. Our initial mailing introduced the campaign & our studio.

Following this we sent additional marketing & promotional materials, all created around the central campaign "Chocolate bar".

Among the items developed were an ad, tent card and door hanger. Our final piece was a set box built to hold a wine glass

filled with chocolate which we attached a hang tag to. Our follow up card was delivered a few days later.

GODIVA Chocolate Bar Tent card 
GODIVA Chocolate Bar Follow Up Card, Door Hanger & Hang Tag 

We wanted this promo to highlight the attention to detail we bring to our assignments.

It's our contention that small, surprising details can be the difference between a marginally successful design and one that is brilliantly successful.


To be a truly successful design, it must do more than stimulate it's audience visually. 

It should, on some level,  stimulate your other senses as well. 

Each part of this 5 -part promo focuses on how design can appeal to one of the 5 senses. 

One promo was sent out weekly.

A SENSE OF DESIGN follow-up 

Once all 5 parts of the promo were sent out, we attempted to make contact with the recipients for about a week, 

& then sent out this follow-up piece. Folded to letter-size &  wrapped in translucent vellum

featuring five key words form the individual promos, it summarized the 5 previous mailings.

A SENSE OF DESIGN final follow-up 

If we hadn't been able to make contact, this was sent out as a final desperate attempt to reach them.

Our hope (remember I mentioned we were desperate) was that if we sounded pathetic enough, 

someone would give us a pity appointment. 

& then, of course, we'd wow them!

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